All-New Nissan 400Z Is Coming Next Year

June 12th, 2020 by

400z Nissan Ellicott City

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Nissan has revealed some plans regarding its upcoming Nissan “Z” car. The rumors have been focused on what Nissan would do with its famed “Z” car going forward. The name of the next-generation will be called “Nissan 400Z” and the expectation is for the vehicle to debut sometime early next year in 2021. The sleek Nissan Z 370Z will be improved upon to have a smoother look and a more sloped rear with an elongated hood and a lowered wheelbase. The rounded headlights are going to be put in place of the current angular ones and a change to the vehicle grill will be made. The expected changes are all a part of the development Nissan has placed to grow its brand and the hope is for customers to embrace its newest Nissan vehicles

What Customers Expect With the Next “Z” Model Nissan

The Nissan Z model is known for giving customers a strong and fast vehicle. Those expectations will be held as the engine is slated to produce 400 horsepower standard and the larger engine is rumored to hit 480 horsepower. Not to be confused with other vehicles that offer above-average driving performance, but inadequate gas mileage, the 400Z will produce around 24 combined mpg. Customers will gain a vehicle that looks sharp, offers stellar drivability and power without needing to spend a lot of money at the pump. 

Expected Features of the Nissan 400Z

Nissan will most likely make the vehicle rear-wheel-drive with a second-speed automatic and optional six-speed manual transmission. The vehicle will be a coupe, as so few vehicles are these days, and will have an updated interior. The hope is for leather seating and upholstery, both driver and passenger power-adjustable seating, dual-zone automatic climate control and other standard perks that push the 400Z to the first option buyers think of when car shopping. 

Among other changes, Nissan will make the 400Z compatible with its new driver-assistance suite which adds standard anti-lock brakes with modern safety features. Lane Keep Assist, adaptive cruise control, and pedestrian detection are expected to be available. The interior should also see improvements with a larger infotainment screen (perhaps 8.0-inch or even larger), and features like standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities. The expected price point is currently expected to hover around $45,000 to $53,000 MSRP. For those interested in driving new Nissan vehicles, we know a great place to go to find them.

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