All the 411 on the 2022 Nissan Z Model

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The Nissan Z series is a beloved and iconic sports car series, including notorious models such as the fondly remembered 280Z (manufactured by Datsun at the time), 300ZX, and 350Z. The current 370Z is beginning to wither after almost a decade without any significant updates, but that’s all set to change when Nissan debuts the next-generation Z model in the coming months. Here’s what we know about the replacement for the Nissan 370Z:

Vintage Inspiration 

According to a report from Autoblog citing dealer order sites, the next-generation Nissan Z is inspired by the 240Z. The front end will feature a square mouth and be complemented by round headlights, much like the vintage 240Z. The rear of the vehicle, on the other hand, will feature a boxy, 90s-inspired taillight setup.


Although Nissan hasn’t confirmed any official specs yet, there’s plenty of evidence that points to a 400 horsepower twin-turbo V6 engine. Once again, dealers cited by Autoblog reported that Nissan already hinted at this engine during the unveiling of its Project Clubsport 23 concept in 2018. The concept in question was powered by the 400-horsepower V6 from the Infiniti Q50 and Q60 models, lending even more credibility to this specific rumor. Nissan already developed this engine and it’s simply ready for production, so it’s not a stretch to think it’ll power the next-generation Z model. 

Borrowed Platform

The next-generation Nissan Z is also rumored to borrow the Infiniti’s Q60 platform as it’s dated for vehicles to have rear-wheel-drive and no one can imagine Nissan justifying an all-new vehicle with rear-wheel-drive. The last two Z models have shared plenty of components with other models from Infiniti’s lineup. Given that the Q60’s engine and platform fit together well, it’d be surprising if Nissan chose not to use the existing architecture. 

Nomenclature Up in the Air

We can’t really be sure about the next-generation Z model’s name. Normally, new generations of a car keep their names, but Nissan historically changes the names of every Z generation. Each generation name change matches the engine displacement, so for example the 300ZX model features a 3.0-liter engine, while the 350Z was powered by a 3.5-liter engine and so on. The problem here is that even if Nissan were to use the 3.0-liter  twin-turbo engine for the next-generation Z model, it is unlikely that the brand would bring back the 300Z name. In the automotive industry, numbers can only go up, it’s a traditional quirk of marketing where you never want to sell anything that appears “lower” than last year’s model. It’s unlikely that Nissan will take this route, so we wait on bated breath to see if Nissan opts for the 400Z or something else when it comes to naming the next model. 

Upcoming Debut

The next-generation Nissan Z was slated to debut in late 2020, but the ongoing Coronavirus crisis is forcing automotive manufacturers to shift their plans. Many publications always expected the rumored 400Z to make its launch in 2021, but all that remains to be seen.

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