China’s Nissan Sylphy Could Indicate What is in Store for the 2024 Nissan Sentra

March 24th, 2023 by

Nissan Ellicott City 2023 Nissan Sentra

Photo Source: NISSAN

The current variant of the Nissan Sentra was presented in December 2019. The fact that it still exists at all brands the compact sedan a survivor on the SUV-dominated automotive playing field. It is not certain that Nissan will produce the next generation anytime soon, which would be due around 2027 or 2028. With the evolution of electric powertrains and Nissan’s commitment to bringing twenty-three new electrified cars by 2023, it would not be surprising to see a hybrid Sentra shortly. For now, however, it is still quite possible that the Japanese manufacturer will refresh the automobile for the 2024 model year, four years into its current cycle. One indication that this could occur is the presentation on the week of March 20, 2023, of an upgraded Nissan Sylphy for the Chinese market, as reported by a publication by Car and Driver. 

A quick look back provides perspective and a reminder that in 2019, Nissan premiered the Sylphy at the Shanghai car show, adequately dubbing it the next Sentra. A few days following that debut, it was no surprise when North America was introduced to the new Sentra. The Sentra is the North American equivalent of the Chinese-market Nissan Sylphy. The updates coming to the Asian vehicle could well preview similar changes to the Sentra for 2024. Based on the most recent reveal, the exterior aesthetic of the Nissan Sentra could witness a few touch-ups to the front fascia; the new Sylphy sports a revised front grille. Consumers should also expect minor tweaks to the back end of the compact sedan. 

Interior Changes

Nonetheless, the more noticeable alterations take place inside the vehicle. For example, a massive, new 12.3-inch infotainment touchscreen unit does away with the current 7.0- and 8.0-inch displays. Indeed, it would be a welcome change for the Nissan Sentra. Images of the Sylphy showcase a horizontal screen, which could be an intriguing addition if split screens are possible. The integration of wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay also has a strong chance of happening, given the sheer proportions of the all-new screen, which is different now. 

In addition, there is the notable inclusion of a new gear selector. Based solely on the Sylphy photographs, the current lever no longer forms part of the automobile, instead having been replaced by a very small block, highly similar in appearance to that found in the new Nissan Rogue. Interior ambient lighting has been added to the center armrest, the front doors, and the front air conditioning vents.

Appreciating the Little Things

While these changes may seem minimal, they gladly received updates compared to the 2023 trim, which arrived unchanged from the previous year. The Nissan Sentra is slowly but surely moving into the fifth year of its current generation, and it is undoubtedly due for a facelift. Even though the Sylphy and Sentra were both gearing up for brand-new generations in 2019, the Nissan Sentra is only scheduled for a mild refresh this time around. Nevertheless, with these updates to the Sylphy, it is almost guaranteed that readers can expect to view some changes to the Sentra’s interior, too. Granted, there are usually differences between iterations sold in China and in North America, but if Nissan does go ahead with revisions to its Sentra for 2024, information should start to abound in the coming months of 2023.

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