Final Edition of the Nissan GTR Rumored to Receive Hybrid System

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The Nissan GTR (also known as the R35) is Nissan’s flagship sports car with a reputation for having a long racing heritage and being well known among Japanese car enthusiasts. But we may have to say our farewells as Nissan will retire the GTR soon in what will be the last vehicle built for the 2022 model year. The advent of more popular offerings like all-electric SUVs and crossovers has gained traction in the automotive industry and with GTR sales dwindling to all-time lows, it may be time for the famed “Godzilla” to retire.            

The Current Nissan GTR

The current GTR has been in production since 2007 and has received various updates throughout the years. For 2017, a major update was given to the Japanese sports car, such as a new front fascia as well as some exterior styling updates. Nissan engineers also gave the GTR an increase in horsepower for its 3.8 L V6 engine. But the current GTR is showing its age, even in its top-performing NISMO trim, the 14-year-old platform is nearing the end of the road with its outdated design. A successor is going to be in the works in the near future with a potential hybrid version as a possibility,  but we will have to wait and see how Nissan will design the Final Edition of the GTR that sport car fans will remember for years to come.        

Hybrid System a Possibility

Equipping the new GTR with a gasoline hybrid system may not be a bad proposition for Nissan, especially with the influx of cars on the market today that already have hybrid and electric battery powertrains, Nissan could very well entertain that idea. It is rumored that Nissan will incorporate an inline 48-volt mild-hybrid system into the new GTR, whether it will be designated as an R36 platform or stay within the current R35 name, we won’t know until Nissan releases more information on their design plans.

The Final Edition

According to the Japanese publication, Japan’s Best Car, Nissan is preparing to make the Final Edition of the GTR without electrification, but hybrid technology is still a possibility. Speculation claims suggest that the new GTR could very well reach an output of 710hp, if that is the case, Nissan will have increased the horsepower by 18 percent if we take the 600hp of the 2021 GTR Track Edition as a reference point. There has also been discussion around production numbers that has led the Japanese sports car community to speculate that only 20 GTRs bearing the Final Edition badge will be built, but these are just rumors for now rather than solid facts.

What to Expect for the Future

The Nissan GTR (R35) has led a long legacy of track performance and innovative Japanese engineering that made the GTR a great sports car to own. Nissan knows the GTR is nearing its end, but it would not let their flagship sports car’s legacy end so abruptly, that is why Nissan is planning a Final Edition to be designed as a testament to the long life it has lived. For the upcoming months ahead and into 2022, we can expect Nissan to reveal more of the plans they have for designing the last GTR.           

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