Nissan Adding Massive $17.6 Amount Towards EV Lineup

November 29th, 2021 by

In this photo provided by Nissan Motor Co., Chief Executive Makoto Uchida, right, and COO Ashwani Gupta, left, pose with a Nissan Chill-Out concept car on Nov. 27, 2021. Nissan said Monday, Nov. 29, 2021, it is investing 2 trillion yen ($17.6 billion) over the next five years and developing a cheaper, more powerful battery to boost its electric vehicle lineup. (Nissan Motor Co. via AP)

Nissan has announced yet another massive $17 billion push towards electric vehicles for the next decade. This massive investment plan of 2 trillion yen ($17.6 billion) over the next five years will offer customers a greater return on their powerful battery capabilities to promote its growing electric vehicle lineup. The Japanese automaker’s chief executive, Makoto Uchida, declared 15 new electric vehicles will be ready by 2030. Nissan is steering for a 50% “electrification” of the company’s model lineup, under what Uchida proclaimed as the “Nissan Ambition 2030” long-term project. Electrified vehicles include hybrids and other kinds of environmentally beneficial models other than simply electric vehicles.

The Look Ahead to An EV Nissan Lineup

The industry as a whole is focused chiefly on electric vehicles to decrease emissions and meet many customers’ requirements, said Uchida. Nissan has been leading the way for its own path and showing other brands the focus required to produce successful electric options, like the long-running Nissan Leaf. Nissan plans on helping to reduce carbon emissions at its factories. The company has been moving rapidly to move on from where the brand was in the latter part of the last decade. With two years of solid leadership, the Nissan brand is moving ahead at rocket speed to get to the next level of automotive integrity with the EV focus as a large reason why. 

Nissan’s goal of electrification rests on uncovering a new ASSB, or all-solid-state battery, that is described as “a breakthrough” for obtaining more affordable pricing and producing more strength than batteries currently used today. Electric powertrains are expected to be more efficiently utilized in pickups, vans, and other heavier vehicles since the batteries can be smaller. The ASSB will be in volume production by 2028, as reported by Nissan. Some costs of electric vehicles will also decrease thanks to the battery innovation to levels similar with regular gasoline cars, according to the leadership of the Nissan brand. 

Long-term Growth Expected 

News like this should only encourage consumer growth into the latest electric vehicles being built. The future has arrived with technology that allows for greater savings for both the owner and reducing pollution. We’ve discussed at length the different opportunities being presented to customers by Nissan. 

“Nissan has emerged from a crisis and is ready to make a new start,” Uchida stated. This is true as Nissan is expected to see their sales grow by a fifth over the year.

All of the top automakers, including one of the Nissan brand’s biggest rival, fellow Japanese automaker, Toyota Motor Corp., are working on electric vehicles for their brand. Between increasing concern over climate change and sustainability, these global purchasers are also asking for more safety features. Uchida maintained Nissan was hiring 3,000 engineers to grow its analysis and reporting, including digital technology for vehicles to help inform their engineers about areas of interest. Nissan is behind the Infiniti luxury models, Leaf electric vehicle and Z sports car as all are reasons many are projecting a return to profitability for the fiscal year through March 2022. For more information about Nissan vehicles, talk to us at Nissan Ellicott City. 

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