Nissan Ariya EV Set To Travel Around the World

May 27th, 2022 by
2023 Nissan Ariya in snow, shop Nissan Ellicott City

Nissan Ariya in the winter snow ready to go around the world. Photo Credit: Nissan

Summer is the tipping point for most brands. They recognize their sales to gauge customer interest. As far as where Nissan currently is, they are pushing the envelope to renew buyer interest. How do they do this besides offering new products? They set out to showcase their newest vehicles, like the Nissan Ariya electric crossover, can do things no other EV has; become the first car to actually drive from the North Pole to the South Pole.

Nissan Really Is Going Around the World 

Nissan has recently partnered with British adventurer Chris Ramsey to embark the 17,000-mile trek from the top of the Earth to its very bottom. Along the way, Ramsey and his trusty Nissan will pass through varying terrains and temperatures as man and machine attempt to become the first team to go between the Earth’s magnetic poles and make the impact Nissan hopes inspire buyers to consider their all-new electric crossover.

Along the route, Ramsey and his souped-up Ariya e-4ORCE will move through the Arctic into North, Central and South America, then finish after landing on Antarctica. The entire adventure will include traveling from snow-capped glaciers and mountains to sandy dunes and everything in between. Nissan hopes their new line-up will add some PHEV options presumely to adapt consumers to hybrid technology between now and that timeframe when the global market returns to normal after years of production woes due to Covid-19.

After one of their best fiscal years in 2021, the Nissan Co. has predicted their 2022 outlook as growing three times larger than their forecast was originally expected. So far, they are off to a wonderful start. Not to brag, but Nissan has covered their current platform with impressive sedans and SUVs like the formidable Nissan Armada, the Nissan Maxima is as impressive as ever and the awards won by their Nissan Rogue SUV.  Interested in a few ways to help make a decision? We offer our customers a test driving experience and want our customers to look at the upcoming Nissan vehicles. For those looking for more information on Nissan products, stay tuned with our help. We look ahead to more new possibilities to offer our customers. Curious to see more Nissan vehicles we have in 2022?

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