Nissan Expands Ariya EV Production To Debut In Mid-2021

July 17th, 2020 by

Nissan Ellicott City

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A decade after the introduction of its Nissan Leaf, the compact EV that changed the perception of EV vehicles for the whole world, Nissan is still leading the EV charge. The Ariya SUV is going to offer an EV experience that will boast a 300-mile driving range with a sleek design to attract customers. While we are awaiting the debut, set to come out deep into 2021, we have learned more about the upcoming Nissan product. The base trim will cost as low as $40,000. What will this new Nissan vehicle offer customers?

What Do Owners Get With the Nissan Ariya?

The Ariya will be available in front-wheel and all-wheel-drive when it debuts. Owners can opt for either of the two battery sizes that will be made for the new EV SUV. A 63kWh and 87kWh charge option are both good choices. The larger battery is the one that owners will find can reach the 300-mile mark. These results are outstanding for any EV, let alone an EV. When thinking about the Ariya, Ashwani Gupta, Nissan’s chief operating officer, addressed the question during a recent live-streamed event from Yokohama, Japan.

“We created the Nissan Ariya as an answer to the aspirations and practical needs of today’s customers. Combining our strengths in EVs and crossovers, it’s a showcase for Nissan’s new era of excitement and design,” said Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida.

Nissan Prepares For Ariya Worldwide

The selling of the Nissan Ariya commences in Japan first, in mid-2021, but that’s not far off from when the United States will receive the Ariya not long after that. According to a Nissan spokesperson, the vehicle will arrive at dealerships  “a little more than a year from now.” The vehicle is going to be available in all 50 U.S. states. For those that fell in love with the Nissan Leaf, it’s actually become even better with its upgrade to offering a liquid-cooled technical design. Rather than the active air-cooled system. 

The 2021 Nissan Ariya will come with a 130-kilowatt DC quick charging and Nissan said it would be able to add 175 miles of driving range with a 30-minute charge. Nissan has upgraded from the Leaf pouch cell design packaging to prismatic canned cells. The charging port will be on the passenger side of the vehicle. The Ariya will also offer e-Pedal, Nissan’s aggressive one-pedal driving system. This system will use the brand’s next-generation ProPILOT Assist 2.0 advanced driver assistance system, implemented with driver monitoring to facilitate hands-off single-lane highway operation.

The Beauty of the Ariya, Inside and Out

Just as impressive as the ability to drive the vehicle long-range, the Nissan design might be the most attractive feature. Nissan refers to the appearance of the vehicle as “Timeless Japanese Futurism”, according to Giovanny Arroba, Nissan’s senior design director. He also added about the interior and the beauty of the appearance. 

“We wanted to capture a powerful energy that the drivetrain enables and clean, powerful surfaces. The design moves AC and heating functions under the hood. There’s no frunk. To maximize interior space, there’s also no center console. Contoured seats give rear passengers and a clear view of the front, also conveying a sense of space,” – Giovanny Arroba.

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