Nissan Frontier Is All-New For 2022 Model Year

July 21st, 2021 by

Nissan Ellicott City 2022 Frontier

The next phase for the Nissan brand involves adding a new level of electrified performance that can match the level that Nissan has reached with gasoline engines. The Nissan brand is capable of putting out high-octane choices, like the famed Nissan Maxima. We have learned some of the changes coming by way of a new model year will include the all-new 2022 Nissan Frontier. The third-generation Frontier is going to offer a redesign for the first time in 16 years. What will this mean for the buyers looking for new options?

Nissan Offers An All-New 2022 Lineup

The production pickup will offer an exciting change for those customers tired of the current pickup segment that has only seemingly offered pricer and pricer options, but the Frontier is an escape for those shoppers. The Nissan Frontier is currently being produced at the new $3.5 billion Canton, Ohio assembly plant and will be ready to enter showrooms later this summer. 

“It’s so great, I can’t hardly describe how proud I am. We definitely had to work through the chip shortage. Luckily, we were able to secure enough chips to build out the last Frontier and get the proper parts to build this one, so we’ve not had a significant impact. There’s a lot of new technology in here,” Fallon said. “It’s definitely more rugged, more bold. But at the same time, it’s that same truck that’s a lifestyle truck,” said Tim Fallon, vice president of manufacturing for the Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant.

Next For Nissan Co.?

This Nissan plant is responsible for producing the popular Nissan Altima, Nissan Titan, and the Nissan Titan XD. What more changes are we set to see this year regarding the efforts left for the second half of 2021? We know about Nissan building more production plants and one that might end up being made in the United Kingdom. But, we are currently very excited about the possibility of more EV options coming by way of the Nissan Ariya EV SUV that will offer customers more than they could imagine as Nissan begins its EV reign set to debut in 2022

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