Nissan Hints at a New Electric Vehicle

February 3rd, 2023 by

Nissan Ellicott City 2023 Nissan Max-Out

Photo Source: NISSAN

Back in 2021, Nissan debuted a few concept vehicles as part of its announcement that it was going to invest $17.7 billion in the development of electric vehicles over the next few years in order to promote the company’s initiative called Ambition 2030. The grandiose project involves the development of 23 new electrified vehicles and 15 pure-electrics. The other trims could utilize Nissan’s e-Power powertrain, which includes a gasoline range-extender engine. Nissan is aiming for its lineup and the Infiniti lineup to be 50 percent electrified on a global scale by 2030, with different targets for different markets. For example, Europe should reach 75 percent electrified sales by the end of 2028, while the aim for China and the United States is 40 percent.   

One of the concepts the automaker showcased as it was actively advocating for its impressive project in 2021, was a convertible two-seater sports car dubbed the Max-Out, but the brand only unveiled a conceptualized version of what the vehicle was supposedly going to look like. However, Nissan very recently launched a YouTube teaser to let the world know that a brand new electric concept car would be put on display. Of course, speculation circulated quite swiftly, with taglines such as “See what happens when the virtual becomes physical,” and “Discover how our latest concept car takes zero emissions mobility to the max” making people wonder if the mysterious prototype in question might well be an evolution of the Max-Out concept.

According to the company, the Max-Out can be described as exceptionally responsive to driver input while simultaneously providing outstanding comfort and stability. It corners effectively and the steering response is stabilized by minimal body roll to increase the ease of the ride for both the driver and passenger. The electric vehicle approach is just the tip of the iceberg, though. Based solely on the conceptual design, the model is equipped with a full-width screen for the infotainment unit, a passenger’s seat that can be conveniently tucked away for more cargo space, and lightweight construction.

The Big Showstopper

As of February 1st, 2023, the automaker revealed what was indeed a Max-Out sports car. The virtual stylings were gone, making way for a real-life physical version of the Max-Out at the premiere of the Nissan Futures event in Yokohama. In all sincerity, it seems that the company remained true to its original design. It is still a two-seater convertible with headlights and edges that brighten up the immediate area with various neon hues. 

A rather interesting tidbit of information is that the electric vehicle’s design has the blended aesthetics of numerous distinctive science fiction franchises, such as Avatar and Tron. Nonetheless, other than exhibiting what it looks like, Nissan has been reluctant to divulge further details about the electric vehicle concept, most likely stemming from the fact that it has no plans to create a production variation of it anytime in the near future. Although, one of the electric vehicles it has released since its 2021 Ambition 2030 announcement is the Ariya, Nissan’s first electric crossover SUV, which has an estimated range of 216 to 304 miles depending on the iteration.

The Futures Event

Nissan claims that the Futures event will underscore how it is “shaping the future of sustainable mobility and innovative design” and how it is bracing itself for “the various challenges and opportunities the coming large-scale transition to electric mobility will bring.” Even though the event will be held at the company’s global headquarters in Japan, Nissan will make sure to upload a few panel recordings on its YouTube channel.

Nissan’s concepts are bordering on the visionary, and as challenging as it may be, perhaps the automaker will bring the Max-Out, the Chill-Out crossover, the Surf-Out pickup, or even the Hang-Out SUV into full-scale production one day. For now, we must accept the automobiles that are available to us in 2023. At Ellicott City Nissan, we have a large selection of new vehicles in our inventory, and we are ready to ensure our customers can travel and satisfy their automotive shopping needs.