Nissan Launches a Pilot Car Subscription Service Program

February 20th, 2020 by

Car subscription services remain unchartered territory for many automakers, but Nissan is looking to explore its options with the introduction of a new service. Although the launch of the Nissan Switch car subscription program is limited to the Houston, Texas area for the time being, who’s to say the brand doesn’t have innovative options for today’s consumers? Nissan announced at the launch of its Nissan Switch car subscription program that the service costs $699 a month and allows its subscribers access to a core group of Nissan vehicles. 

The Nissan Switch program grants subscribers access to vehicles such as the Altima, Rogue, Pathfinder and Frontier models. These models comprise the Select Tier. The $699 monthly charge also includes the costs of delivery, cleaning, roadside assistance, regular maintenance, and insurance. Unlike few other automakers that offer similar services, Nissan is taking things above and beyond by allowing subscribers to swap out vehicles as often as they would like. Yes, as wild as it seems, subscribers can grab a new car every single day if they wish. Not even the rival programs from Volvo or Porsche can match Nissan on this. 

Nissan will also offer a second tier, called Premium, which provides subscribers with access to many more of the brand’s models. The price does increase to $899 with this Premium tier, but subscribers access vehicles such as the Nissan Maxima, Leaf Plus, Murano, Armada, Titan, and even the 370Z — the brand’s sports car gem. Even the elusive GT-R model is included in the Premium tier, but that’ll be at an additional $100 per day for this specific sports car. The GT-R is also limited to seven days maximum, but the rest of the models can be kept for as long as the subscriber desires. 

The Nissan Switch program is a no-strings-attached program as neither tier requires long-term contracts from subscribers. There are no other asterisks to the program and subscribers can even opt to switch between tiers each new month. Houston will act as the headquarter for the pilot program, but Nissan hopes that the program’s flexibility attracts subscribers and leads to an even bigger launch. Enrollment is now open and requires a $495 membership activation fee. 

Even though the Nissan Switch pilot program won’t be launching in Baltimore, that doesn’t mean that prospective buyers can’t explore the existing Nissan lineup. Visit us at Nissan Ellicott City near Baltimore and explore the latest Nissan inventory. Follow us on Nissan Ellicott City social media and stay up to date with the latest Nissan news. 

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