Nissan Retooling For Greatness In 2021 And Beyond

December 30th, 2020 by

Nissan 2021

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There are plenty of reasons to want to own a Nissan. The most important reason for driving a car is obviously to get from point a to point B, however, why not do it with some style in the vehicle that does not break the bank but also provides immense power? Safety is at the heart of what Nissan is trying to build for its future vehicles, along with new technology. Nissan has acknowledged the issues with its brand prior to some major changes in 2019. With a new CEO and a greater focus on global markets like North America, Japan, and China, we will see a new look at Nissan in the next few years. Don’t forget all the promises Nissan has created for its self and investors with its EV lineup changes on the horizon.

Learning To Build Smarter, Not Harder

Nissan’s new Chief Operating Officier Ashwani Gupta has spoken about the challenges the brand had to overcome in the last decade. Nissan has found ways to greatly reduce overhead costs and close some production plants as well as shrink the vehicle line-up. The Nissan brand is now focused on electric vehicles, larger vehicles like SUVs, and finally sports cars. These are some of the most popular vehicle choices in North America. When reflecting on the past experiences Nissan had to overcome, this was Gupta’s striking honest admission.

“We went too fast to expand in the world, anticipating that global auto markets would grow and that our sales performance would be excellent. Both those things didn’t happen. When rubber touches the ground you smell the smoke. As a result, we were landed with aged vehicles, a huge line-up which we could not maintain. It’s all based on investment: if you don’t have the revenue you can’t have cars. It’s a vicious cycle,” said Ashwani Gupta Nissan COO.

A Bright Future Ahead For Nissan

Nissan COO Gupta is expected to become the CEO of the company as he’d led the company with recent meetings and hashing out the plans for the future, according to sources. With the guidance of Gupta, expect Nissan to surge into 2021 with more promise for the Nissan brand than in many years. A four-year plan was unveiled earlier in 2020 that will include strengthening its global alliance with other automotive brands like Mitsubishi and Renault. Luckily for us in the United States, we should see a strong focus on the expansion of EVs here in our market first. Expect this when opting for Nissan. To find fantastic deals on the latest Nissan vehicles, enjoy the offers found at Nissan Ellicott City

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