Nissan Wants to Put Electric Vehicles on the Map

December 8th, 2022 by

Ellicott City 2024 Nissan Micra

Photo Source: NISSAN

It has been officially confirmed by the CEO himself, Takao Katagiri, that Nissan’s Nismo division will be sporting a brand-new vehicle that will, presumably, be rolling in by the end of the decade. It is also to be expected that the trim will be equipped with a hybrid powertrain that will be available in Japan, the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States. Thus far, speculation abounds around this mysterious vehicle, as it is clear that Nissan does not yet want to reveal too much about the ace up its sleeve; however, it would not be far-fetched to say that the automobile in question is most likely an implied replacement for the GT-R.

Electric Sports Cars

For the time being, a fully-realized electric sports car is still a thing of the future, but Nissan has announced that it will be promoting more mainstream electric vehicles, not least of which will be the new generation of the Nissan Micra. It appears that the new representation of the Micra will actually be an amalgamation of the Nissan Micra and the French-manufactured Renault 5. The Japanese and the French will take part in this collaboration to electrify their ranges and share the battery electric vehicle design of the Renault 5. Nonetheless, the Micra will retain its retro construction and style. This all-road car will, in theory, be paired with the upcoming Mitsubishi ASX and the Captur.

Going Back to the Start

As it stands, all signs suggest that the following iteration of the Nissan Micra will remain true to its original concept, which means that it will be approximately 13 feet in length and will be architecturally similar to the style that it donned in 2002. Nissan has undoubtedly been extremely coy regarding its next-generation vehicles, but evidence of this back to basics strategy emerged when the brand made the decision to release a teaser of its next Micra. It displays the comeback of the arched lines and, most telling of all, a few circular ring-shaped optics that will possess LED technology.

Performance Power

In regard to overall performance and power, the Nissan Micra will, as previously stated, be using the battery electric vehicle structure in common with the new Renault 5. Even though both partners have worked in tandem to co-create their battery power objective, the information surrounding the electric drivetrain is woefully limited because neither has wanted to reveal data about the battery capacity or power level. There is, of course, never a lack of conjecture, and the theories swirling around indicate that the estimated average autonomy of the vehicle will be 250 miles, give or take. Taking into account that the car is expected to make its official debut in 2024, there will surely be more information trickling in that the electric vehicle enthusiast can dive into. Moreover, since the deadline is in 2024, there is at least little ambiguity concerning one fact: The replacement of the current Nissan Micra should be official in 2023. The specific date selected for its first official presentation remains a mystery as yet, although further information is bound to make an appearance sooner rather than later. 

Mainstream EVs

While a performance-focused electric vehicle such as the Nissan Nismo is still years away from plausible production, drivers can still look forward to the advances that are being made with more mainstream electric vehicles, like Nissan’s Micra. Do not forget, at Nissan Ellicott City, we know what it takes to provide a worthwhile experience. Allow us the pleasure of helping you today!